1. To buy an Accreditation for the 21st edition of Millennium Docs Against Gravity, please create an account or log in at book.mdag.pl.
  2. Next, fill in the form in all its fields, attach a recent photo and choose the type of Accreditation: MEDIA or INDUSTRY (the form can be found here: book.mdag.pl/en/akredytacje).
  3. An e-mail confirming the registration of the form will be sent to the address registered with the account.
  4. The decision on whether the application for Accreditation has been granted or rejected will be sent by email by 29 April 2024.
  5. If the Accreditation is granted, an email with a payment link will be sent. The link is one-time use. After entering it - payment must be made immediately. Otherwise, after 15 minutes, the order will be canceled. After this time, you must fill out the form again.
  6. The order must be paid by May 2, 2024. After that, the order will be cancelled.
  7. The cost of the Accreditation for the 21st edition of MDAG is 220 PLN.
  8. Once payment has been made, the confirmation of the transaction will be sent to your e-mail address in the form of a pdf. which will serve as the basis for your badge to be issued at the Festival Centre at Kinoteka.
  9. The badge serves at the same time as an entrance ticket for all reserved screenings.
  10. Entry tickets for individual screenings can be reserved:
    from 9 May at the Festival Centre in each cinema (Kinoteka, Luna, Muranów, Atlantic, Iluzjon) - after presenting the QR code on the badge in order to scan it;
    from 9 May at book.mdag.pl/en/my-reservations
  11. All reservations will be available at: book.mdag.pl/en/my-account
  12. One entry ticket can be reserved for each screening.
  13. Entry tickets can only be picked up/reserved for the screenings on a given day and the following day - it is not possible to pick up or reserve entry tickets for subsequent days.
  14. It is not possible to reserve an entry ticket for a screening that is already in progress.
  15. You can cancel your entry ticket at book.mdag.pl/en/moje-rezerwacje up to 30 minutes before the start of the screening. After this time, it will no longer be possible to do so.
  16. It is not possible to reserve tickets for two screenings that overlap in time in the calendar or in any of the Festival Centres.
  17. The account of an Accreditation holder who does not show up for a screening twice without having cancelled the reservations will be blocked for 24 hours and all reservations within this time frame will be automatically cancelled.
  18. Accreditation holders can vote for each film they have seen during the festival (on a scale from 1 - lowest rating to 4 - highest rating) on the film page of the respective film title.
  19. The pool of tickets for individual screenings for Accreditation holders is limited and independent of the pool of tickets sold by cinema box offices. This does not exclude you from seeing a chosen film, as the films presented at the festival will have several screenings.
  20. Each Accreditation is personal. It is not permitted to transfer your Accreditation to another person.
  21. Accreditations can only be purchased for the Warsaw edition of the festival. Accreditations purchased for the festival in Warsaw are not valid in other festival cities.
  22. The Accreditation does not authorise entry to the Opening Gala, the Award Gala and the ticketed special events.
  23. Applications for the Accreditation open on 7 March 2024 and will last until 26 April 2024 or until the Accreditation pool is exhausted.